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New Trade Barriers Are Being Established  Japanese Companies Hunt For Acquisitions   Global Manufacturing Activity Fell Sharply
The report shows that the falling of inflation rate was mainly due to decrease in the entertainment and services, furniture and household goods, also alcohol and tobacco prices decreased. British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the inflation rate dropping again highlights that British long-term economic policy is working
IMF Laid Out Principles IPO Market Show Recovery
U.S Latest Trends Government's Latest Effort
Research Report
Focus on Global Financial crisis
The global economic slowdown has hurt sales of electronic devices, the world's big consumer-electronics makers are hit.
Reports of China Home Textile
The day of Jan 1,2005 is of great influence for the global textiles industry, because according to the regulations of ATC
News Overview
U.K. Economy Is Set to Grow 2.6% in 2014
The Confederation of British Industry released data that the U.K. economy is forecast to grow 2.6% this year
GOP Retreats From Fight on Debt Limit
European Companies Seek Bank Loans
The Latest Sign Of Weakness In the Global Economy
Australia's Jobless Rate Has Been Creeping Up
China PMI Continued To Slow Down In February
The Latest Sign Of Weakness In the Global Economy
New Trade Barriers
The banking industry's trade group estimates that as many as closely held financial
Economic Circumstances
The Reserve Bank of Australia cut its cash-rate target by one percentage point to 3.25%
Indian Oil Speeds Up
Investment Banks Significant
Latest Financial Overview
Central Banks take actions to reassure emerging currencies panic
Cenral banks across the emerging markets have taken measures last Friday to reassure the selloff of currency markets and stabilize currencies
Asia Is Building Extensive Social-welfare Programs
U.S. Consumer Prices Unchanged
Global Trade Shows Recovery
Euro Zone Faces Debt Crisis
IMF Laid Out Principles
Global Foreign Direct Investment Will Rise
Global Financial Monthly
Recently most of the companies in the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index, which includes nearly U.S. corporation
Big U.S. Companies Profits Fell
Goldman's Resurgence
Glebors Viewpoints
European Debt Crisis Continues
The comments reflect the high stakes as the ECB's response to Europe's nearly three-year-old debt crisis approaches
Fed Released Minutes
The Federal Reserve sent its strongest signal yet that it is preparing new steps to bolster the economic recovery
Economic Recession Stirs Unrest In Russia
Japan approves the largest amount Budget
European banks face uncertainty
India invites foreign capital actively
Financial Topics
BOJ Would Double Incentives To Spur Economy
The Bank of Japan said it would double incentives designed to increase bank lending, an attempt to increase the effect of monetary
Drudge is cautiously optimistic about the economic outlook for the euro zone
ECB (European Central Bank) President Mario Draghi said at the Davos World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum) on the economic
U.S. Trade Deficit Narrowed Sharply
Weak Labor Market Will Restrain Economy Recovery
Global Economy Recovery Grows Faster
ECB Concerns Are Rising
Economic Recovery May Begin
The Indian Government Unveiled New Budget
Ford Motor Returned Profitability
Ford Motor Co. returned to profitability in the second quarter and showed signs of stabilizing. Ford reported a profit of $2.3 billion
The Competition Of Electric Cars Is Curtain-up
The electric Nissan Leaf will be introduced late next year in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Nissan will roll out the zero-emission car
BMW Profit Is Hard Hit
Treasury Deploying the TARP
Russia Committed Bailout Plan
Special Reports
Spain Region Financial Assistance
The government stands ready to help Catalonia, as well as Valencia and Murcia, which have already asked to tap
European Companies Seek Loans
A separate PMI gauge compiled by HSBC continued to show Chinese manufacturing activity is contracting
Global Trade Rebounds
Job Losses Confuse US Economy
Japan Economy Is In A Recession
The housing market come back reasonable
ECB will face the great challenge
South Korea spur innovation and growth
Economic Forum
Fed Continues to Pull Back Bond-buying Program
The Federal Reserve decided to continue to scale back its bond-buying program after the January monetary meeting.
Obama Gave his State of the Union address
President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill Tuesday, mading income inequality a central tenet of his economic
U.K. June Manufacturing Falls Most Since 2012
Australia Takes A Tougher Stance Against Foreign Investment
The U.S. IPO Market Shows Recovery
South Korean Economy Recovery Would Depend On Export
G-8 Meeting Statement
Economic Recovery May Begin
Package Economic Stimulus Plan
President-elect Barack Obama suggested he would package much of his campaign spending proposals as economic stimulus
German Works on Stimulus Plan
The government is likely to approve a package of job programs and other measures, but has yet to figure out how to finance the extra outlays
British Recession Will Be Worse
U.K. Government Latest Effort
Worsening Downturn UK
Global Trade Rebounds
Asia Economy
Japan's Industrial Output
The 0.1% decrease in June, adjusted for seasonal factors, was worse than a 1.6% increase predicted by surveyed economists
Asia is Showing Slowdown
At present global concerns about China's economy growth, it doesn't look so bad from inside the country. A slowdown in China's manufacturing sector in July
Singapore Economy Would Mark A Recession
Japan Expects National Price Trends To Rise
China Manufacturing Continues To Slowdown
Singapore And EU Launch The Free-Trade Deal
India Tempers Inflationary Expectations
Asia Building Extensive Social-welfare Programs
American Companies Earnings Growth
The recession that has gripped the euro zone collapsed tax revenues and sent welfare costs soaring
Euro Zone Faces Debt Crisis 2012
The recession that has gripped the euro zone collapsed tax revenues and sent welfare costs soaring
The American Companies Earnings Growth Will Be Strong
A Rebound In Global Steel Demand Strengthens
HSBC, Barclays Reported 3Q Profit
Berkshire Reported 3Q Profit
Dell & H-P Disclosed Earnings
MUFG Changed Merger Proposal
India accelerates the open process
Data and informations indicate clearly that India economy is speeding up the development, and the problem of how to advance that confronts Indian economy is necessary at present. India economic growth is swift and violent, but the long-term development depends on the further market reforms
Wandering and Hesitating ECB
The fund company prudently
Korean economy recovering
India attracts capital further
Indian land investment policy
Asia merger surge forward
Japanese merging intensifies
Probe into the new mode of Ad
The advantage carrying on the products marketing utilizing mobilephone lies in people of Asia like to input characters message with manual, the information of the characters is the still most popular in the marketing market of the Asia mobilephon
Canon achievement prospect
The achievement of the manufacturer of accurate equipment of Japan Canon Inc. profits up to the supreme record of history in recent years, but with the drop of the price of most products and digital camera market faces the saturation at present, the prospect of achievement of company
Indian enterprises set foot in the moviemaking
Indian government is accelerating to implement every financial and economic reform measures, and also the fast development appears in Indian telecommunication
Chinese automobile industry development
The export potential of Chinese low-priced automobile is the problem that the western national organization of trade union compares apprehensiveness all along
Private Banks Will Share Rescue Pie
Banking industry officials argue that privately held firms may be better able to use the new capital than their larger rivals
Banks Engaged In Competition
Banks across the U.S. are responding to uncertain times and engaged in a heated competition for deposits as the battered industry tries
Bank Of Korea Participates In Aid Efforts
Consumer Defaults Hit UK Banks
RBS Seeks To Sell Asian Assets
The Global Banks Dig Out Of Bottom
Asia Is The Global Champ For IPOs
China Plays An Important Role In GM's Global Operations
The European futures innovation
The rapid development of electronic trade at present causes the competitions among of global four major deriving products exchanges fierce increasingly in order to fight for the leading position of global deriving products trade
Indian industrial development
Chinese automobile industry
Renewable energy
Energy Pain
The economic system of China
Focus EU’s textile industry
Industrial Structure Adjustment
Glebors life
How can go to sleep peacefully
In the food with the function of peaceful sleep, the sleep function of milk is the most obvious because it contains two lull materials. Milk can combine with nerve centre, which has the functions of anaesthesia and easing pain
Secret of drinking water
Water is the source of the life, the human body did not even supplement the vitamin until once a week or a month, but unable not to drink water for two days. The sufficient moisture can make person vigor plentiful, keep better state constantly.
Vinegar and Beauty
Travel: Tonga
General knowledge of the energy
Now we will introduce ABC of some industrial production and civil energy, so that everybody has a basic knowledge of the energy
Methyl ether--New green energy source
Methyl ether is a kind of flammable gas that such materials as the natural gas ,etc. formated. Because methyl ether does not include sulphur
Liquefied natural gas
US Rescue Fund Foster Acquisition
The federal government's $250 billion plan to bolster U.S. financial
Asian Companies Face Trouble
OPEC Cutting Output Reverse
The U.S. Retail Sector Rapidly
Decision of the channel design
Channel design is the result of decision to where to launch activity. These activities all have some common characteristics, namely need to consume the fund
Growth goal
The growth goal is the performance result expecting to achieve outside the existing product either the market. Regardless of bold or discrete, advancing gradually
Company's culture and performance
How to orient brands


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